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Maths concepts for understanding the Life Sciences

Maths concepts for understanding the Life Sciences

Open to all biologists and methodologists, the "Maths concepts for understanding the Life Sciences" series will kick off in the second half of 2022. In an original format of short webinars, it aims to make mathematics accessible to biologists, to identify biological questions that can be addressed by mathematical concepts and to share a common vocabulary.

The cycle of events will alternate between :

  • webinars in two-person "biologist-methodologist teams", with a joint presentation of interdisciplinary maths & bio collaborations;
  • “method battle" webinars, led by methodologists, each of whom will propose different methods to address the same biological issue.

See the webinars replay : videos in french

Want to find out more about this cycle of events ?

Contact the Maths Concept events team : Pauline Ezanno, Anne Goelzer, Olivier Hamant, Masoomeh Taghipoor

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