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DIGIT-BIO metaprogramme

DIGIT-BIO metaprogramme

Digital biology to understand and predict biological systems

Launched in March 2021, the DIGIT-BIO metaprogramme is part of the interdisciplinary scientific foresight initiative "Predictive approaches for biology and ecology". Its objective is to support research at the interface between digital sciences and biology, physics, chemistry or environmental sciences, to understand the functioning and predict the behaviour of biological systems. The Metaprogramme aims to mobilise knowledge to anticipate the impact of stress on these systems, reason out their management, and provide levers for action. In the medium term, the ambition is to develop a small number of in silico monitoring projects for biological systems, based on the concept of the digital twin.


Find out more about the governance of the Metaprogramme and the people involved. 

Our approach

DIGIT-BIO addresses the behaviours of biological systems, which are inherently dynamic and complex, from the molecular level to that of the organism and population, in their "close" environments (biotic, abiotic, practices and management methods).

The metaprogrammes

DIGIT-BIO is one of the nine INRAE metaprogrammes currently in progress. Metaprogrammes are interdisciplinary scientific programming tools chosen for a limited number of themes that are deemed strategic. A metaprogramme is built and developed over a period of five to eight years and benefits from financial support. 



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